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You have come to the right place if you are looking for whats new in Employment Opportunities at Clifty View Nursery.  Download an Employment Application today to become part of our team!

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Derek Blumenschein
HR Manager

Upcoming Spring 2018 Harvest Employment Opportunities

Pay: TBA
Hours: 7am to 5:30pm (6am to 4:30pm after April 11th)
Work Days: Monday - Saturday, 6 Days a week
Duration: 1.5 Months (Approx March 15th - May 1st)

Seedling Digger

Work Periods: March-April, October-November

Seedling Diggers work outside pulling seedlings from the ground after they have been dug. They box them up and take them to the grading room to be processed by the Grading Crew. We recommend rain gear and a spare change of clothes as the weather can be unpredictable this time of year. This job is great if you like working outdoors and don't mind getting a little dirty. Click on a photo below to see this job in action!

Seedling Grader

Work Periods: March-April, October-November

Seedling Graders work in our grading room measuring and sorting  seedlings for quality and height. Once the seedlings have been sorted they are boxed and stored in the coolers until they are shipped. The grading room is not heated as we are dealing with live plants so warm clothing is recommended. Aprons and latex gloves are provided to help keep clean. This is a great job if you enjoy learning about plants and don't mind working indoors.  Click on a photo below to see this job in action!

Loading Crew

Work Periods: March-May

Loading Crew Workers are responsible for organizing Balled & Burlaped trees in the field and loading them on to the semi's that transport the trees to our customers. This job takes place outdoors in all weather conditions so rain gear is recommended. You must be able to do heavy lifting and loading as some of the duties involve lifting and carrying balled and burlaped trees. This is a great job if you enjoy working outdoors and very physical work.  Click on a photo below to see this job in action!